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Next week: Dawn and Billy's worst fears are confirmed. Also: Belle takes a pregnancy test and Moira and Ruby go head-to-head.

Dawn And Billy's Worst Nightmare.

When Dawn spots a bruise on Evan's leg they rush him straight to the hospital.

After running some tests the paediatrician returns to explain he is a very sick baby.

Evan is taken in for an urgent bone marrow biopsy.

The results come back and their world is turn upside down.

Belle Takes A Pregnancy Test

Belle's worried she could be pregnant.

Belle apprehensively takes a test.

The couple nervously await their result.

But is this the news what they both wanted?

Moira And Ruby Go Head To Head

Ruby's furious when Moira accidentally splashes her while driving.

Later, they meet head on single-track road.

Both Moira and Ruby refuse to back down.

Thankfully Will breaks up their heated feud, but it isn't over yet!


Kim's not happy when Rose enters her home.

Chas bravely agrees to look at her scars with Charity.

And Manpreet makes a move on Billy.

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Weekday evenings