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Coming Up In The Village.

Next week: Aaron packs his bags Also: Chas reveals her cancer diagnosis to the Dingles and Bob's lost all hope.

Aaron Packs His Bags

After his examination, the doctors advise Cain to stay in bed.

Cain being Cain, decides to discharge himself.

Meanwhile, Aaron attempts to leave the village.

But will Mackenzie make him see sense?

Chas Tells Her Family About Her Cancer

At the pub The Dingles argue as Chas reveals her news.

Later, Chas and Paddy sit Eve down.

Worried of what she might say Chas hesitates to tell her.

But with Paddy by her side, she explains her Cancer to Eve.

Bob Has Lost Hope

Bob and Nicola attempt to resolve things with Bob...

Bob's furious when he finds out Jimmy told Angelica to lie.

The next day, the King's hear that Cathy's charges have been dropped.

But Wendy is still worried about Bob.

As he seems to have lost all hope.


Jai makes a split decision.

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Logo of Emmerdale
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Weekday evenings