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Coming up in the village.

Next Week: Chloe and Mack rekindle their feelings Also: Wendy calls it quits, and will Tom stick around?

Rekindled Feelings.

Emotions run high as Rueben is given the all clear from the hospital and in the heat of the moment Chloe leans in for a kiss.

Stunned at the situation Mack pulls away.

With Chloe left mortified, she tries to forget the whole thing happened.

But nothing ever stays a secret for long in the village.

Mission: Destroy All Evidence

Liam longs to write again, but Wendy regrettably informs him that it can't continue

As she is worried of where it might lead.

But will this be the end of the book, or is there another chapter for their little secret?

Family Means Everything.

Jimmy is determined to form a bond with Tom, especially after he helped Angel in the car crash.

And they agree to a fresh start.

Tom goes to tell Belle the good news, he's moving to the village!

And in a moment of passion they kiss.

But will Tom stick around when he finds out what Belle's got to say?


Will Ryan and Gail make it official?

Stresses run high at Nicky's stag do.

And Dan is worried about finances.

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Weekday evenings