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Next week: The Woolpack goes up for auction, Vanessa does what she thinks is best and Dawn gets a visitor.

The Woolpack is auctioned

Will spots Kim flicking through the auction brochure.

He presumes she is going to put in a bid to buy the Woolpack.

Chas hits the roof when she finds out, but Cain is determined to fix things!

On the day of the auction, Chas can't bare to see Kim snatch her pub away.

But after a change of heart, she decides to attend.

Tensions are high in the Auction House.

And just as the auctioneer is about to sell pub to the highest bid, Cain shoots his hand up and bids!

Much to Moira's relief, Cain is outbid by a mystery online bidder.

They want to meet up with Chas. Who could it be?!

Vanessa does what she thinks is best

Rhona is chilled to the bone when a man turns up with a letter from Pierce.

Vanessa encourages her to bin it but she ignores the advice and reads it. Pierce is dying and is trying to find his son. With Ryan's help, she phones Pierce's son, Marcus.

Unbeknown to Rhona, Vanessa listens to a voicemail from Marcus.

She pretends to be Rhona and arranges to meet him. This can't end well!

Marcus shows up and once again, Vanessa impersonates Rhona.

As she's trying to tell him getting in touch was a mistake, Rhona arrives and is floored to see Marcus.

What will happen next!?

Dawn has a visitor

Harriet is moved when Dawn asks her to be her maid of honour. But there are huge concerns that they still don't have a venue.

Never fear, Kim is here! She

Dawn's excitement doesn't last long when she gets an unexpected visitor.

It's Alex! And he's pleads for her to listen to him.

But what does he want?


Jai leaves the house in a rush, leaving the paperwork for the loan behind for Laurel to find.

How will she react when she find out what he's done?!

Also, Marlon approaches Jai and asks him for a job.

He's gutted when Jai rejects him.

Meanwhile, Laurel gives Liv her old job back.

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Weekday evenings