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Next week on Emmerdale.

Next Week: Dan's future hangs in the balance. Also: There's a surprise wedding and Naomi has money problems.

Dan’s Future Hangs In The Balance

Dan continues to protect Amelia at all cost and is frustrated to see that Llyod is still lurking around.

But Dan's frustrations lead to an altercation.

And Llyod is left injured on the floor.

Later on, Dan is visited by PC Swirling.

Will he be charged for his actions?

Surprise Wedding

Cain and Moira are suspicious over Nate as he heads into town.

And they are shocked to find out the real reason for all his secrets.

When Nate turns up they confront him.

And kidnap him before he heads into the wedding.

But they end up knocking him out in the process.

Naomi Has Money Problems

Victor can see Naomi is down about her money worries.

And suggests leaning towards Vinny for some help.

And kindly Vinny offers that helping hand.

But in the process Naomi quits her job.

Leaving Vinny wondering if he will ever get his money back?


Billy and Dawn have great news!

And Victoria is annoyed that Liam and Wendy continue their love affair.

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Weekday evenings