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Next Week In The Village

Next week: Matty is in a dangerous situation. Also: Rose and Ruby begin their plan and is this the end for Marlon and Rhona?

Matty Gets Himself Into Big Trouble.

Samson saunters about with his friend after passing his driving test.

They head off to the HOP to celebrate.

Josh, Samson's friend, hits on Matty's wife, Amy.

The situation starts to escalate as Josh threatens Matty.

And Matty ends up with a knife in his hand...

Rose Is Up To No Good.

Dawn's on edge at the hospital.

Matters only get worse for Dawn when Rose offers her help.

Will is furious when he catches Rose offering Dawn some heavy-duty sleeping tablets.

Rose is warned that she’s on her last chance at Home Farm.

But will this ruin Rose and Ruby's big revenge plan?

Is This The End For Marlon And Rhona?

Marlon's annoyed at Rhona for wanting a christening for Ivy.

Later, Marlon and Paddy go on a camping trip.

He chats to Paddy about divorcing Rhona.

Can Paddy convince him to fight for his marriage?


Cain and Liam have a heart to heart.

And Leyla's shocked at Rose's disguise.

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Weekday evenings