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As The Dingle Court begins, Lydia makes a shocking announcement.

Now it's everybody's turn to give their alibi.

Lydia begins her investigation by focusing on Cain and Sam's whereabouts, and what really happened in the barn.

The focus then shifts to Belle to give her side of the story.

Will the Dingles accept Belle’s fabrication of events? 

Aaron fights back when he's next in line for questioning and quickly deflects the energy over to Charity.

Chas and Charity discuss the Craig situation but the conversation soon shifts.

Caleb and Nate offer their account of the day but Caleb seems to be hiding something.

Mandy next in the firing line.

Mandy is overly emotional but what is it she keeping from her family?

Marlon causes suspicion when choses to miss out a big piece of information from his family. 

Despite hearing everyone's alibi, Lydia refuses to believe everybody is telling the truth.

Until Sam reveals there's more to his side of the story than he originally expressed. Will Lydia ever find out what really happened that night?


Eric puts a brave face on his troubles.

Tom gets on one knee.

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Logo of Emmerdale
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Weekday evenings