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What's To Come On Emmerdale.

Next week: Rhona pushes her luck Also: The heat rises between Tracy and Caleb.

Rhona Pushes Her Luck

Rhona returns to the hospital to attempt to see baby Ivy.

As she sits in her car she watches Gus exit the hospital.

Later on, Marlon questions Rhona about what she's been up to.

Rhona crumbles and is forced to admit she’s been seeing Ivy.

The next day, Rhona heads over to Gus's to offer a helping hand.

But is she pushing her luck?

The Heat Rises Between Tracy And Caleb

As Caleb and Tracy share a passionate kiss they are interrupted.

Nicky, unaware of what's going on, enters.

Later, she looks up sexy lingerie but it's not for Nate.

At the pub, Caleb's jealousy rises and he invents a job for Nate so he can have some alone time with Tracy.

Soon, Caleb and Tracy are back in a passionate embrace as Nate makes his way to the Mill.

How will Tracy explain herself out of this one? 


Will Jacob and Victoria get back together now David's left?

Matty's put in a difficult situation.

And will Kim tell Lydia the truth?

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Weekday evenings