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Next Week On Emmerdale.

Next week: Craig forces himself upon Lydia. Also: Caleb is accepted into the Dingles, and Tom is attacked.

Craig Takes Advantage Of Lydia

Lydia takes Craig to see where their babies resting place.

After sharing a bond through grief, a moment is shared upon returning home.

The next day, flooded with guilt, Lydia hands in her resignation.

But Craig reveals his true feelings for Lydia

As he forces himself upon her.

Caleb Drinks From The Dingle Wellie.

Things are looking up for Caleb as he is welcomed into the family

with a traditional drink from the Dingle Wellie.

Even Cain is getting used to the idea of Caleb sticking around

And invites him to work at the garage.

Tom Is Attacked

When Dawn interrupts Belle and Tom's date, Belle is caught off guard to see a hint of chemistry between the two of them.

In a bid to make peace, Dawn invites Belle and Tom on a double date. But it doesn't end well.

As Belle heads one way and Tom heads the other, they are unaware of what is to come.

Tom leaves with his vet bag and is met by a scally who kicks him down and steals his car.

Finding him after the attack, Belle calls the police.

But is it a little to late?


Charles packs his bags.

Gabby makes matters worse for herself.

And Amelia admits how she truly feels.

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Logo of Emmerdale
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Weekday evenings