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What's In Store For The Village Next Week.

Next week: Rhona runs away with Ivy Also: Tracy breaks up with Nate and The "Sten do" doesn't go to plan.

Rhona Runs Away With Ivy

Rhona's panicked when she hears Gus wants Ivy back.

Matters get worse as he announces he could be moving away.

Later, Rhona takes it upon herself to run away with Ivy.

But Rhona can't hide away forever.

Is It The End Of Nate And Tracy?

Tracy sits Nate down and breaks the news.

She tells him she is no longer in love with him.

But how will Nate take it?

Will he bowl over to Caleb's and interrupt his steaming evening?

The Partying Begins

The "Sten do" begins with Tom and Belle.

And Mandy has a naughty trick up her sleeve.

She handcuffs Belle and whisks her away.

But Tom isn't happy that she's been taken away.


Angel and Nicola attempt to impress the Youth Justice Worker.

And will Jimmy and Bob ever be friends again?

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Logo of Emmerdale
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Weekday evenings