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Next Week: Will Caleb Reveal Who He Really Is?

Next Week: The truth starts to spill and Nicky crumbles under pressure. Is this the end of Caleb's revenge plan?

The Plan Falls Apart.

The launch of the Stud Farm is in full force and Caleb is at the fore front of it all.

Little does he know that behind his back Nicky has a surprise visitor.

And he is crumbling under the pressure.

Gabby longs for Nicky to adopt Thomas, but in the heat of the moment he blurts out the truth that he's been hiding all along.

When Caleb finds out, he is furious!

With time against them he attempts to log onto Kim's accounts but finds them empty!

Confronted with an angry Kim, will he reveal who he really is?

Or has his plan been foiled before he had a chance to bring Kim Tate down?


Charity sees Chloe And Mack play happy families.

It's the end of The Butlers Farm.

Bear swoops in for a kiss.

And Charles feels sorry for Rishi.

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Weekday evenings