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Next week: There's a late night lock-in at the Woolpack, complications arise with Kyle, and Leyla gets her payback.

Late Night Lock-In At The Woolpack.

Everyone is still worried about Paddy after what happened.

And they come up with a great idea they think might help him.

All the men of the village stay behind for a late night lock-in hoping to use the time to talk through their problems.

But will Paddy join them and seek the support he needs?

What's Best For Kyle?

After an altercation in the cafe between Carl and Kyle, Nicola threatens to report him to the police.

Caleb deals Amy the home truth about where Kyle belongs.

And Cain believes the best thing for Kyle is to let him go by pleading Amy to move away.

Is this the fresh start Kyle deserves?

Leyla Gets Her Payback.

Leyla’s night takes a sinister turn when she bumps into Callum.

But Suzy comes up with a plan to make him pay for what he did.

As Callum is carted away in handcuffs, Leyla flaunts her payback in his face.


Arthur is relieved to have seemingly made a breakthrough with Colin.

And Naomi invites Alex over for dinner.

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Logo of Emmerdale
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Weekday evenings