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Next week: Paddy goes on a double date with Bear. Also: Something's wrong with Sarah and Paddy and Mandy have a moment.

Double Date!

Bear attempts to get Paddy back on his feet!

And sets up a double date.

Not sure it will go the way Bear is hoping!

Mack's Confession.

Mack has realised that the guilt is too much and wants to confess what he's done...

Just as he's about to confess to Charity, Sarah comes downstairs holding her chest.

The family rush her to hospital!

Will she be okay? And will Mack still tell Charity?!

New Romance?

Paddy sees Chas flirting with Kev and he doesn't take it well...

Chas has had enough with Paddy's controlling behaviour and sets him straight.

Mandy oversees the interaction and notices Paddy is really taken back.

Which leads to a couple of drinks and romantic eye contact!

Will it go anywhere?

Cathy's Party

Cathy is enjoying her birthday get together!

But Brenda lets slip that she's on the pill, to bob.

Bob isn't happy he's been left in the dark.


Samson is intrigued to learn that Noah is putting his trust fund into an account for Esther..

And Nate tries to honey trap Greg!

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Weekday evenings