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Next week: Laurel's kidnapped, Nate plays with fire and Dan's on the run.

Laurel Walks Into The Hands Of Colin

When Laurel goes to fetch Marshall's passport, she is faced with a nasty Colin

Who then locks her away in Marshall's bedroom.

Terrified and without her phone Laurel is trapped and try's to free herself with negotiations and prayers.

In a desperate escape she hits Colin over the head and dashes for the door.

But it's locked!

Meanwhile, everyone is starting to worry about Laurel's disappearance.

But will they find her before Colin decides what to do?

Double Dealing Nate

As training is handed over to Corey, he let's Nate in on a little money making secret.

With Corey's tips, Nate bags himself a big tip off their client Harry.

But Caleb isn't to know about this deal, as it could turn sour if Nate was to get on the wrong side of Harry.

Looks like Nate has him self in a double dealing.

But does this mean double the trouble?

Dan's On The Run.

Amelia is convinced that there is a way out of this, and believes the only option is to run away.

Seeing how upset Amelia is, he agrees and asks Cain to help them out.

He gives them ferry tickets, a car and a burner phone.

But should Dan face the music for what he's done, instead of running away from it?


Bob shows a darker side.

And Samson is annoyed at Lydia.

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Logo of Emmerdale
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Weekday evenings