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Next week: Amy unintentionally puts Matty in danger. Also: Samson plans to run away and Rose excludes Kim.

Amy Mistakenly Puts Matty In Danger.

Amy is happy to see Matty feeling positive on her visit.

As she is leaving, she mistakes for Robbo for Matty's cellmate.

And Amy is oblivious to the danger she has now put her husband in.

The next day, Matty is terrified of his future in prison.

Samson Plans To Run Away

Moira is furious to hear Samson is leaving for his European trip earlier than planned.

Later, Lydia spots a heated interaction between Samson and Josh.

Will Lydia's suspicions reveal the truth of the stabbing?

Or will Samson run away before it's too late?

Rose excludes Kim

Dawn loses her trust in Billy over caring for Evan.

Meanwhile, with Dawn's stress levels rising, she forgets about Clemmie's birthday.

Rose saves the day and puts on a spontaneous birthday party.

How will Kim feel when she is excluded and uninvited?


Manpreet confesses she misses Charles.

Gabby is not happy with Jai.

And Gail has a plan.

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Weekday evenings