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Next Week: Liv Takes To The Stand

Next Week: Liv takes to the stand, things steam up for Manpreet and Charles and Kerry returns to the salon

Aaron Has Had Enough

Aaron arrives at the court for Liv's hearing but he struggles to go in.

And when he gets the chance to talk to her, it only makes things worse.

Stay Away

Liv is shocked that Mandy came to see her in prison.

But her intentions become clear very soon.

How much more can Liv take?

Kerry Goes Back To Work

Kerry returns to work at the salon.

She's very underwhelmed when it's not how she imagined it to be.

We don't think Mandy will be too impressed!

Let's Go For A Walk

Charles is taken aback with how Manpreet helps Ethan and asks her to join him on a walk.

After a few old memories and some nice words...

Things get intimate!

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Logo of Emmerdale
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Weekday evenings