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Next week: Dawn's dress gets trashed, but is she in more danger than she thinks? Also: Cain's anger gets the better of him and Rishi collapses!

Knock, Knock! Who's There?

So far, so good for Dawn and Billy's wedding.

But when Dawn nips back home, she finds her dress has been trashed!

And when she sees that the back door is ajar, she prepares to fight for her life...

Rishi Is Caught In The Crossfire

Priya chastises Jai for his sneaky behaviour.

But as their argument escalates, Rishi collapses!

Can they come to an agreement for the sake of their dad's health?

Cain's Anger

Moira meets with Amy to discuss the rift between him and Al and how it's affecting Kyle.

She agrees to try and calm Cain down.

But Cain says that whilst Kyle is in the same house as Al, he won't back down.

Meanwhile, Al deliberately antagonises the situation by giving Kyle an old phone of his.

Cain's fury reaches a level that scares Kyle and as a result, he goes missing.

Will he be okay!?

Elsewhere in the village...

Ellis has an exciting offer!

Laurel has had enough.

Samson helps Amelia after a disastrous makeover from Mandy.

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Weekday evenings