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Next Week: The Trial Begins

Next Week: Meena's trial begins.

The Trial

Meena's trial finally begins with the whole village waiting on tenterhooks.

She warms up to prepare for the trial with a light bit of flirting...

Then it begins.

Liam is the first to take to the stand.

The jury seem sympathetic towards his devastation as he fights back the tears.

But is then thrown by the accusation that he conducted an affair with Meena.

Will he be able to do enough? Or will he let his anger get the better of him?

Next, it's Manpreet's turn.

As she's made out to be a seasonal liar, she becomes frustrated to see her sister relishing the spectacle.

Then it's finally time for Meena's big performance.

The audience is ready to see what she has in store for them.

Will there be an encore? Or is it curtains for Meena?

Marlon is reunited with April

Marlon feels guilty after Rhona tells him how much April misses coming to see him.

And eventually he gives in and April finally comes to see her dad!

Her humour relaxes Marlon, whilst Rhona is moved to tears when she sees how maturely April deals with Marlon's vulnerability.

We soon see the pressure is building for Rhona though and she's starting to crack. Will she be able to keep it together?

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Weekday evenings