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Previews: Coming Up On Emmerdale

Next Week: Meena plots to kill Victoria, Kim is determined to get the truth out of Will and Diane wants Gabby to move to Portugal with her

Watch Out Victoria!

An unexpected turn for David and Victoria...

...as David finally confesses his love for her! (It's about time)

But Meena overhears everything...

... and plots her murderous revenge!

Kim Wants Some Answers!

Will is hiding something from Kim and she's determined to get the truth!

Will he tell her? Or will he keep it a secret?!

Let's Go To Portugal!

Diane is doing everything she can to convince Gabby to move to Portugal with her.

Gabby does not look too sure about that idea!

And Bernice isn't too thrilled either.

Survival Of The Fittest! (ish)

Charity and Mackenzie decide to take on the survival challenge.

What could possibly go wrong?

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Weekday evenings