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Next week: Meena gets her way with Billy, Al has more tricks up his sleeve and Priya struggles with her doctor's trip.

Meena Gets Her Way

Meena finally gets her way when Billy lets her move in for Christmas.

But she soon notices a little spark between him and Dawn.

We know what Meena is like when something gets in her way... should Dawn be worried?!

Al Strikes Again

Marlon has some bad news for Chas when the new pub promotion goes horribly wrong...

Everyone has had enough of Al's antics, especially Cain.

Something tells us a storm is brewing!

Priya Visits The Doctors

Desperate for the doctors visits to stop, Priya lies about how her scars feel and is upset to hear her eating problems have set her back.

Information and advice relating to Priya's story can be found on itv.com/advice.

Salon Christmas Party

Kerry just wants to have a good time and go for a party.

But Bernice and Mandy don't seem so up for it.

Potential Romances

There seems to be a potential new couple in the village.

Will Kerry and Al make a good team?

Logo of Emmerdale
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Weekday evenings