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Weekday evenings

Next week: Here Comes Meena!

Next week: What has Meena got planned for Dawn and Billy's big day?

The Big Day

It's Dawn and Billy's big day!

The happy couple have the wedding of their dreams.

Nothing could possibly ruin this magical day.

Except for maybe one thing... Meena!

What has she got in store for them?

Vinny's Accidental Proposal

Vinny and Liv have a lovely day playing video games.

Until Vinny accidentally proposes to Liv.

Liv rushes away to avoid the awkward situation.

And leaves Vinny disappointed that his romantic gesture backfired.

Chas Talks To Cain

Chas and Cain reminisce about better times.

And she tries to make him see sense.

But will he listen?

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Logo of Emmerdale
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Weekday evenings