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Previews: Coming Up On Emmerdale

Next week: Al makes more changes to The Woolpack, Ben looks for a new job and things are tough for Tracy.


Al makes even more changes to the Woolpack.

We're sure Marlon will take it really well...

Or not!

A Tough Time

Cain and Moria decide to check in on Tracy but it doesn't go to plan.

Will she give Nate another chance?

Ben's Secret!

Ben is pleased when Aaron supports his decision to look for a new job.

But when he finds out the location, Aaron isn't so keen!

What's next in store for the pair?

Sir Billy To The Rescue!

PC Swirling questions Meena about the break in and she denies everything.

Convinced it was Meena, Amy vows she's going to prove it.

Just before the argument gets physical, Billy turns up and is Meena's knight in shining armour.

Looks like Meena has her sights set on someone new!

Forbidden Love

Noah is very nervous for his date with Chloe.

But he's relieved that she's impressed with what he has arranged.

Although, with everyone still trying to keep them apart...

...Noah and Chloe make a drastic decision.

Will they be okay!?

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Weekday evenings