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Next week: Sarah figures out Mack's secret. Also: Gabby goes too far when she makes a move on Nicky and calls Dawn a prostitute in front of the kids.

Is Mack The Father?

Mack tells Chloe he's put a deposit down on a flat for her.

Chloe isn't happy that Mack is trying to push her out.

Mack insists she leaves as soon as possible.

But, little did they know, Sarah overheard the conversation.

She becomes suspicious and outright asks Chloe if Mack is the father.

Gabby Makes A Move

Gabby And Nicky share a bottle and have a chat.

Although, the alcohol might not have been the best choice as Gabby decides to make a move!

And she doesn't get the reaction she was hoping for.

Dawn Vs Gabby

Dawn and Gabby have an argument about their priorities.

And in the heat of the moment Gabby calls Dawn a prostitute in front of Lucas and Clemmie.

At which point Lucas asks her a question that she can't handle.


Paddy is left feeling isolated from his family.

Nicola pushes Bernice to buy the B&B.

Chloe and Amy decide to give being sisters another go.

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Logo of Emmerdale
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Weekday evenings