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Next week: Jacob and Leyla find the allotment destroyed, Liv is in hospital and Al tries to rip off Chas and Marlon!

What A Mess!

Leyla and Jacob find the allotment in a mess!

But will they see Meena's tin?

Liv's In Hospital

Vinny is relieved that Liv is alive and in hospital, but devastated by why she is there.

Will he be able to get her out of prison?

Car Trouble!

Al offers Kerry and Kyle a lift into town.

But Cain notices that they could be in danger!

Can he get to them in time?!

End Of The Line

The insurance claim for the pub has been made void.

Chas and Marlon have nothing left they can do.

Except sign the pub over to Al.


Jai uses Laurel's name to get a loan.

Belle and Ellis are still going strong despite the fight between Cain and Al.

Logo of Emmerdale
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Weekday evenings