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Next week: Meena's sentencing commences, April goes on a surprise easter egg hunt and Kerry has her concerns about Al!

Finding Liam

Leyla starts to worry when she can't find Liam as Meena gets ready to be sentenced...

Will she find him? And will Meena finally get what she deserves?

Easter Egg Hunt!

Paddy and Marlon set up a surprise Easter egg hunt for April.

The surprise being that Marlon is joining her!

April is thrilled with the surprise and goes on the hunt with her dad in hand!

What's Al Up To?

Kerry starts to become suspicious after Chas expresses her concerns about Al and Belle.

Is there something going on between them? Or is it all innocent?

The Tickets!

Noah is not backing down with Chloe.

He goes to great lengths to buy her some gig tickets.

Is he doing too much?

Al and Priya

Al comforts Priya as she is still struggling with body confidence.

And in the moment, the pair lean in for a kiss!

Was it the right move?

Mary's In Trouble

Rhona finds her mum and Faith having fun in the pub and she is NOT happy about it...

Knowing that Rhona is already on edge, Mary is worried Marlon coming home will only add to her stress.

Will Rhona be able to keep it together?

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Weekday evenings