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Next week: It all goes wrong at the christening. Also: Moira and Amy lose Kyle and Paddy has some decision making to do.

The Christening

It's time for little Esther's christening.

But Amy and Chas can't put their differences aside.

After ruining the day, they decide to continue the fight in the street.

Unfortunately for Charity, PC Swirling is watching!

Where's Kyle?

It's Christmas time in the village!

Charles puts together a choir and raises money for a stroke charity.

And it goes down very well!

But in all the fun, Moira and Amy lose Kyle.

To their horror, they find him talking to PC Swirling.

Paddy's Plan

Paddy has been staying at Marlon's, but it's time to make some tough decisions...

Goodbye Chloe

Mack tries to hide his feeling about Chloe leaving, but Nate notices something is wrong...


Cain receives letters from a mystery sender.

Leyla hides the fact she will be alone at Christmas.

And Chloe lies about having somewhere to go.

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Weekday evenings