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Next Week: Marlon has a setback in his recovery, Noah's obsessions takes a dark turn and Vanessa nearly catches Suzy red handed.

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Back To Hospital

Bear is worried about Marlon being stuck inside all day and convinces Mary to let him go to the allotment.

But Rhona gets worried as his cough starts to get worse.

And eventually Marlon ends up back in hospital.

Unfortunately, it turns out to be more than a cough and drastically sets Marlon back in his recovery.

Noah And The Drone

Noah's obsession with Chloe is getting worse each day.

He gets himself a drone, and flies it right outside Chloe's house.

Will he get caught?

Suzy and Vanessa

Vanessa nearly catches Suzy getting up to no good!

And that's not the only close call, as she walks in on Leyla and Suzy up to no good.

Will she find out what's really going on?

Faith, Cain, Dan And The Allotment!

Faith wants to take Kyle to the allotment but Cain isn't sure.

Eventually, Cain softens and agrees to bring Kyle over.

But poor Dan gets made to do all the hard graft!

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Weekday evenings