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Next Week In The Village

Next week: Meena's jealously of Dawn comes out in surprising ways, leaving Manpreet suspicious. Will she discover the truth?

Meena Meddles

Dawn’s ex, Alex turns up and introduces himself to Lucas as his real Dad. 

But after an altercation with Billy, Meena sees an opportunity to stir the pot. 

And Alex is soon left terrified for Lucas’ welfare. 

Relationship Troubles

Billy and Dawn share an emotional moment. 

And Meena isn’t happy when he spends the whole night out.

It’s not long before she drops a bombshell on him… she’s pregnant!

But that won’t stop Billy and Dawn’s developing relationship.

Will it?!

Manpreet’s Suspicions

Manpreet is suspicious about Meena’s pregnancy announcement. 

She contacts someone from Meena’s past, who reveals that she believes Meena murdered Nadine.

Will Manpreet discover the extent of Meena’s murders?!

Noah's Discovery

Pollard offers to hire Noah permanently. 

Later, Noah spots Leanna’s ring in Meena’s bedroom and steals it as a present for Chloe. 

Will anyone realise?!


Harriet reveals to Charles that she’s thinking of a career change. 

Kim is feeling lonely this Christmas without Jamie and Millie. 

Kerry and Tracy have an awkward encounter. 

Priya is upset to see that Ellis is moving on. 

Logo of Emmerdale
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Weekday evenings