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Next week: Meena is backed into a corner, Jacob struggles to be alone and Liv and Vinny elope!

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Meena gets another round of questions but when they pull out a picture of her trophy tin, she's stuck for words...

How will she worm her way out of this one?

Broken Heart

Jacob asks Chloe to stay with him as he doesn't want to be alone.

She agrees and spends the night with him.

Which led to an awkward conversation with Noah.

Heartbroken and angry, Noah confronts Jacob.

But Jacob doesn't even try to defend himself.

Later Chloe tries to apologise.

Can they patch things up?

Lost Lovers

Concern rises as nobody can place where Liv and Vinny are... or can they?

They've gone to get married!

Although, Mandy is still in the dark.

Which leads them to wonder if they're making the right decision.

Pierce Dies.

Marlon reads that Pierce has passed away.

He gears himself up to tell Rhona the news.

But she already knows!


Dawn visits Leyla in hospital and gets the good news that she's been discharged, but Liam is nowhere to be seen.

Where has he gone?

Logo of Emmerdale
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Weekday evenings