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Next week: Charles loses his temper with Tom. Also: There's a difficult conversation to be had for Chas and Chloe and Mack get engaged!

Charles Loses His Temper

Charles decides to and settle his troubles with a bottle.

Tom seeing this, tries to help but ends up making things worse,

and he decides to pin Tom down to the bar.

Just in time for Charles's family to walk in...

A Difficult Conversation

The family decide it's time to explain Paddy and Mandy's relationship to Eve.

But Chas finds it hard to hide her jealousy.

Marlon can see how upset Chas is and makes sure she knows Eve will always love her and she's a good mum.

False Alarm!

Mack finds Chloe ordering a pregnancy test.

Mack decides to propose and Chloe excitedly accepts.

But then Chloe realises it was a false alarm...


Mary finds Claudette by herself and tries to comfort her...

and Belle has some bad news for Tom.

Logo of Emmerdale
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Weekday evenings