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Previews: Next Week On Emmerdale

Next week: Leyla thinks Liam is hiding something from her, Kim keeps paddy on a short leash and Charity finds out about Noah blackmailing Sarah!

Liam's Secret

Leyla finds out that Liam no longer works at the hospital and is now worried he's hiding something from her.

When she spots him putting flowers in his car she convinces Priya they should follow him.

What will they discover?

Noah's Crush

Sarah tells Charity that Noah blackmailed her into letting him see Chloe!

Noah is soon left red faced...

Especially when Chloe hears he has been calling her his girlfriend!

Will She Or Won't She?

Kim keeps Paddy on a short leash!

She hasn't decided whether she will continue to keep quiet about the horse-doping...

...it all depends on what the police find!

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Weekday evenings