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Next Week: Chas gets frustrated with Faith, Amelia wants to run away with Noah and Dan makes a move!

Faith And The Future

Chas is frustrated when Faith remains in denial about dealing with the effects of her cancer.

Running Away Together?

Realising that her dad will never accept their relationship, Amelia asks Noah to run away to London with her.

Dan Takes The Leap

Dan's emotions for Harriet run deep and he reaches in for a kiss.

Will it be welcome?

Mack's New Tack

Mackenzie embraces his more thoughtful side and takes Charity on an accidental wellness retreat...

Sandra's Cunning Plan

Mummy dearest escalates her plan to drive a wedge between Vinny and Liv.

Thanks For The Memory

Nicola finds out that Naomi has started work at the cafe and something starts to click...

BBQ Forks At Dawn

Manpreet and Naomi both attend Ethan's sausage and burger bash, but the niceties don’t last long when Manpreet tears a strip off of Naomi.


Faith’s emotional when Bear finds the Christmas cards she’s writing in case she doesn’t make it.

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Logo of Emmerdale
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Weekday evenings