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Previews: Is Liv In The Firing Line?

Next week: Aaron makes a discovery, Priya faces her fears and Lydia wants some answers from Liv.

Where's The Phone?

Aaron sees the last video Ben took on his phone, which prompts some questions for Liv.

What will Aaron's next move be?

You Don't Belong Here

Bear and Faith want Al out of The Woolpack.

They come up with a plan to make sure he feels unwanted.

We can't see Al giving up without a fight!

Face Your Fears

Priya admits to Leyla that she hasn't looked at her scars yet.

Leyla encourages her to face her fear and do it.

Can she offer the support that Priya needs?

If you've been affected by Priya's story, please visit itv.com/advice.

Lydia Wants Answers

After Ben's death, Lydia talks to Liv about the night it happened.

Does she really believe that Liv could have done it?

Forbidden Love

Chloe and Noah just want to be together.

But Kerry is making sure it doesn't happen!

What will they try next?

Dawn and Billy

Billy finds Dawn with a bottle of vodka.

After some comforting words, Dawn leans in for a kiss.

Bagsy we're not the one to tell Meena!

Logo of Emmerdale
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Weekday evenings