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Next week: Faith goes for her first chemo session, Leyla gets caught out and Chas accuses Moira of cheating.

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Faith's First Chemotherapy Session

Faith arrives at the hospital for her first chemotherapy session...

Caught Red Handed

Leyla has a rummage through Suzy's bag for some coke

Only to be caught in the act by Suzy herself!

How will she explain this one?

Wrong End Of The Stick!

Chas walks into Moira's to find a half naked Nate

After that, she suspects that Moira is cheating on Cain, again!

But she soon realises she's got it wrong...

The Interview

Leyla makes Priya talk to a journalist.

After being asked to take her jacket off for pictures, Priya couldn't handle it.

Leyla doesn't handle it very well and Priya talks to Jai about it.


Moira opens up to Suzy about Holly.

Lydia is not impressed with the caravan.

And Charity is happy to see Mack sticking up for her son.

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Weekday evenings