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Next Week On Emmerdale!

Next week: Manpreet visits Meena in prison, Rhona's mum Mary makes a poorly timed arrival and Charity overhears that Chas has a new job!

Manpreet Visits Meena

Meena get's her wish!

Manpreet pays her a visit.

Will Manpreet be able to keep her cool?

Charity Vs Chas

Charity over hears that Chas has taken a managers job at the B&B!

How will she take the news?

Another Failed Proposal

Rhona attempts to propose again!

But of course it doesn't go her way.

But who would have thought it would be her mother to ruin it this time?! What will Marlon think of Mary?

Mandy Discovers A Secret

Mandy isn't happy when she finds out Vinny and Liv are already married.

She see's the secret as a huge betrayal!

Vinny feels terrible that he's upset his mum so much.

But Chas has an idea that will save the day!

Will it be enough to make Mandy happy again?

More Questions...

The police drag Manpreet in for more questions after Meena's statement.

Will Manpreet ever get away from her sisters games?!

You can watch all the latest drama here!

Logo of Emmerdale
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Weekday evenings