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Next week: Some of our villagers are taken in for questioning. Also: April starts a fight in the cafe, while Rhona has a fight in The Woolpack!

The Police Have Some Questions

The police come to the village to pick up some of our villagers...

Will they break a tight lipped Mack?

Will Matty be able to keep his cool?

Can Amy stick to her story?

And will Moira convince the police she's telling the truth?

Fight In The Cafe

April and Marshall have an argument in the cafe.

Things start to get heated.

And April throws a punch!

Fight In The Woolpack

Things escalate between Rhona and Naomi.

Which results into a brawl.

And Rhona isn't happy when Marlon doesn't side with her.


Mack tries to hide his panic when he finds out Chloe has moved in.

And Dawn is thrilled that Rhona wants to take her back.

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Logo of Emmerdale
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Weekday evenings