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What Does The Future Hold For The Village?

The future is not kind to some of our villagers...

Chloe & Noah's Story

Even though Chloe still has faith in Noah at the start of the week...

...by the end she learns the truth.

After finding worrying images on the laptop, Chloe has some questions for Noah!

But he doesn't take kindly to what she has to say.

Gabby's Story

Dawn and Billy tell Gabby that a hooded figure was spotted on the camera.

This does not help Gabby's nerves.

Especially when she finds a suspicious package on the Home Farm sofa...

Cain and Al's Story

After finding a cable tie securing the drive shaft in the engine, Al guesses Cain has further sabotaged the car.

So Al makes Cain prove there's nothing else wrong with it.

Is this all going to end in a car crash of a situation?

Moira's Story

Moira is faced with a situation that could be too difficult to handle.

Will she be able to cope and get to the bottom of it?

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Logo of Emmerdale
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Weekday evenings