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Next Week On Emmerdale

Next week: Caleb being brought out of his coma? Also: Belle has gone missing and Paddy and Mandy have some news!

Caleb Has Visitors

Chas and Cain both go to see their brother in hospital and Chas thinks Cain is to blame for him being there...

And when Chas finds out Caleb might be brought out of his coma...

she's is shocked to see who is also there!

Where Has Belle Gone?

Chas and Tom go looking for Belle after she went off into the woods.

Finally, they spot her!

But, they're both worried for her mental health.

Paddy And Mandy

Chas overhears a conversation she wishes she didn't!


Mandy Returns To Work

Mandy returns to work after being away in the lakes.

She finds Amelia recording a video with Sarah.

Amelia tries to convince Mandy Social Media is the way forward for the Salon!

Who Pushed Caleb

After being questioned Leyla's alibi is rather fragile.

And Mack's isn't adding up at all!

Who could it be?


Kim and Gabby are suspicious of Will's behaviour.

And Amelia admits to Sarah she's been getting some creepy messages.

Logo of Emmerdale
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Weekday evenings