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Next week: It's Ben versus Meena! But how will things end? Also: Cain takes matters into his own hands.

Ben's discovery

Aaron gives Ben a good luck charm whilst he waits for results on his job interview.

However, they are both left furious when Liv tells him she gave him a bad reference on purpose!

Knowing she's disappointed her brother, Liv caves and turns to the bottle.

Later, Ben is left fired up about taking all the blame for the survival challenge.

He is determined to find evidence to prove it wasn't just his fault.

But, he ends up finding more than he bargained for!

Meena approaches and after a scramble over the camera, it doesn't end well!

What will Ben do now?!

Cain's plan

Al smooth talks Chas into his trap.

But when he makes a move and goes in for a kiss...

Marlon walks in and knows he's just interrupted something! Uh oh.

After hearing about it, Cain is determined to make sure nothing else happens between Al and Chas. He takes matters into his own hands...

Which only means one thing... kidnap!


Lydia is in shock when she finds a drunken and dishevelled Liv!

Cain and Liam's friendship continues to grow.

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Weekday evenings