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Previews: Next week on Emmerdale

Next week: Trapped Paddy asks Kim for help, Charles takes a mysterious phone call and Diane makes a drunken mistake!

Paddy's trapped

Paddy tells Kim that Al’s blackmailing him with a video of him doping her horse.

Kim warns him she’ll just deny all knowledge if the police get involved.

Paddy feels trapped when he realises that there’s no way out of his arrangements with Kim and Al.

Charles takes a mysterious phone call

A mysterious caller contacts Charles.

But he's not too happy about it! Who could it be?

Diane's drunken mistake

After a few too many drinks, a tipsy Diane confides in Rodney.

Caught up in the moment, she accepts his offer when he asks her to move in with him.

Will she regret that in the morning?!


Meena forbids Victoria from calling in on David.

Meena's tone turns more possessive and threatening and Victoria is left unsettled.

What will she do next?

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Weekday evenings