Weekday evenings

Priya Kotecha

Priya's always had a head full of ideas and ambitions but unlike her parents or her brothers, rarely has her head screwed on. She can make rash decisions like doing things for effect, but often ends up needing to be bailed out.

Despite this, she usually means well and loves her family. Since moving back to the village, Priya's found love with David and has finally decided to settle down. All Priya wants is her picture perfect life, but there's one person who's always standing in her way; Alicia.

Keywords to describe character:Princess, catty, jealous, can be kind and admit when wrong.

Domestic Set:Farrers Barn.

Work Set:The Woolpack (barmaid).

Relationships in show:David (fiancee - although he is still married to Alicia), Rishi (father), Georgia (mother), Jai (brother), Nikhil (brother)

First appearance:November 2011

Likes:Expensive things.

Dislikes:Not getting her own way.

If they could have one wish, what would it be?For Alicia to get out of her hair.

And finally…Priya enthusiastically nominated herself and David to be the Wedding couple for a photo shoot at Home Farm, only to find she got covered in heat bumps due to a reaction to make up. If her day couldn't get any worse, she then had to stand by and watch Alicia and David "get married" for the second time.

Weekday evenings