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Rhona Goskirk

Rhona is a sharp-witted, fun girl to be around. She is very comfortable in social situations and her affability enables her to make friends easily, but her main friend is her old uni friend Vanessa.

Her nuclear family is really important to her and despite the unusual set up (her partner's best friend is the father of her child), she ensures that her son Leo, who is Down's syndrome, has the most normal, happy and fulfilling life. Rhona is a strong professional character who copes with everything life throws at her. She is direct, honest and tells people what she really thinks about things, but she is never nasty. She and Paddy compliment each other very well.

Keywords to describe character:A sorter, strong, confident, principled but not judgemental.

Domestic Set:Smithy Cottage

Work Set:Emmerdale Vetinary Surgery - Partner and owner.

Relationships in show:Paddy (partner), Leo (son), Marlon (father of Leo), Vanessa (best friend).

First appearance:February 1997

Awards / Nominations:The Rhona/Paddy/Marlon pregnancy shock was nominated for Best Baby Drama in the 2011 All About Soap Awards.

No of wives, children, car crashes, etc:1 child (Leo)

Likes:Laurel and Hardy films, a pint at The Woolpack, keeping the difficult balance of motherhood and work.

Dislikes:Admitting she needs help, the words "lurve" and "pencil" (as in 'let's pencil drinks for...'), horror films, Sex & The City.

If they could have one wish, what would it be?She's always dreamt of sitting on a mountain of profiteroles!

Weekday evenings