Weekday evenings

Rishi Sharma

Rishi was once the powerhouse of the Sharma dynasty before handing over the reins to his oldest son Jai.

At first he enjoyed his retirement, but since his break up from Georgia, Rishi has got more and more involved with his family and helped out with the business. Staunchly loyal and hard-working, he's proud of how his sons have made a success of the family business. Rishi is always willing to sacrifice anything for his family....

Keywords to describe character:Gentle, fair, loyal.

Domestic Set:Holdgate

Work Set:Sharma's factory

Relationships in show:Jai (son), Nikhil (son), Georgia (ex wife),

First appearance:November 2011

No of wives, children, car crashes, etc:1 wife, 3 children (but pretending it's 4 in order to protect Jai's secret coming out)

Likes:Success, harmony.

Dislikes:Seeing his children hurting.

Weekday evenings