Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle's relationship has been one of the most complicated, explosive and romantic couplings in Emmerdale history. As Robert heads to the Isle of Wight to serve a 14-year prison sentence, we wanted to remember some key Robron moments, plus an exclusive new interview with Ryan Hawley.

Robert may be missing from our screens, but he will always be remembered in our hearts.

Deleted Scene: Aaron and Robert prepare for their honeymoon.

A Robron recap...

Deleted Scene: Robert and Aaron prepare for the big day.

A 'thank you' from Ryan Hawley in 2015

Deleted scene: Robert and Aaron discuss Aaron's relationship with Alex.

Deleted Scene: Aaron and Robert aren't on the best of terms...

Deleted Scene: Aaron gives Robert a wedding present.

Ryan Hawley and Danny Miller take you behind-the-scenes of their Christmas 2017 photoshoot!

A flashback to 2015...

Danny Miller invites you to take a look around the Robron house!