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Rodney Blackstock

Rodney is a player, some would say an ageing lothario. His love of the finer things in life, particularly women and antiques, have seen him get into all sorts of compromising situations.

Although he no longer owns his own business, he still wheels and deals antiques and tries to earn a fast buck here and there. Despite being absent for Bernice's childhood and not knowing that he had a son, Paul, until 2004, he is now a hands on grandfather to Gabby and Angel.

Keywords to describe character:Suave, roguish, charming.

Domestic Set:Connelton View

Work Set:Driver at Emmerdale Haulage

Relationships in show:Diane (ex wife), Val (ex lover Paul's mother), Nicola (daughter), Bernice (daughter), Paul (son), Gabby (granddaughter), Angel (granddaughter).

First appearance:October 2000

No of wives, children, car crashes, etc:2 ex-wives, numerous past lovers

Likes:Ladies, fine wines, money, calisthenics.

Dislikes:Losing money, ageing.

If they could have one wish, what would it be?To be young and rich again!

And finally…Rodney wrote and illustrated a book "Rollercoaster Rod" lossely based on his fairground days, with characters such as Terrible Trixie and Derek Bollard.

Weekday evenings