Weekday evenings

Sam Dingle

Sam is a simple, sweet-natured man who can easily be taken advantage of. He love his family and constantly tries to win their approval with his enthusiasm and effort in any scam or family crisis.

During fatherhood, Sam has become much more responsible and his caring and sensitive nature makes him an ideal dad for Samson.

Keywords to describe character:Loyal, thoughtful, honest & stands up for what is right.

Domestic Set:Tennant's Cottage.

Work Set:Home farm.

Relationships in show:All the Dingles. Rachel (girlfriend).

First appearance:14th February 1995

No of wives, children, car crashes, etc: 1 wife (Alice, deceased), girlfriend Rachel

Likes:Being outside, nature.

Dislikes:People thinking he is stupid.

And finally…Despite being an innocent soul at heart, Sam Dingle has one of the longest police records of anyone Emmerdale.

Weekday evenings