Weekday evenings

Sandy Thomas

Sandy Thomas has always been able to amuse and entertain and he certainly knows how to liven up the dullest of occasions - especially if it is with inappropriate behaviour.

His confidence and bonhomie has been challenged over the past year through being the unlikely victim of domestic abuse by his son, Ashley. However, with the friendship of teenager Sean Spencer and becoming Edna's lodger, he has got his mojo back!

Keywords to describe character:Proud, independent, wilfully selfish, prone to naughtiness without maliciousness.

Domestic Set:Woodbine Cottage (Edna's lodger)

Work Set:Retired.

Relationships in show:Ashley (son), Laurel (ex daughter-in-law), Gabby (granddaughter), Arthur (grandson), Edna (landlord and friend).

First appearance:6th November 2005

No of wives, children, car crashes, etc:No crashes - but Sean and Thomas did steal and write off his mobility scooter!

Likes:Fatboy Slim & not acting his age!

Dislikes:Boredom, being responsible.

If they could have one wish, what would it be?Free booze on tap in a place he can call his own.

And finally…An old sot but an eloquent one, Sandy has helped pen love poems and frequently uses quotations - he even supplied the perfect epitaph for Seth's headstone.

Weekday evenings