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Sarah Sugden

Sarah, the result of an illicit fling between Andy and Debbie, is a mild-mannered, affectionate little girl. Named after Andy's adoptive mother, who he accidentally killed when setting fire to a barn for insurance and wasunwanted by her mum at first.

Debbie eventually realised that she enjoyed being a mother and a custody battle ensued with Debbie coming out on top. Having seen much in her life already, Sarah is lucky enough to now have two doting parents as well a an over-protective, and slightly grumpy granddad in Cain. Sarah has had more to face than most children her age and has been battling Fanconi Anemia for the past few years, staying strong throughout.

Keywords to describe character:Brave, caring, able to bring the best out of people.

Domestic Set:Tug Ghyll

Work Set:Primary school - Hotten Primary (although presently not attending due to illness).

Relationships in show:Debbie (mother), Andy (father), Jack (brother), Cain (granddad), Charity (grandma) and the rest of the Dingle clan.

First appearance:6th June 2005

Likes:Dotes on her grandfather Cain and used the affectionate name "grumpy" for him, Jack's magic potion!

Dislikes:Not being able to do all the other things children do.

If they could have one wish, what would it be?To be better so she can grow up and marry a Prince.

And finally…Her brother was born in order to be her "saviour sibling".

Weekday evenings