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Sneak peek: Christmas in the Village

It's going to be one HOT winter as well loved characters and gripping plot lines take you on a compelling journey.

Here's a sneak peek at what's sure to heat up during the Christmas period:

Robert Sugden continues to make his presence felt in the village, looming large over his brother Andy like a dark shadow. But as Andy looks forward to his Christmas Day wedding to fiancée and childhood sweetheart, Katie Addyman, will his bitter brother find a way to ruin their happily ever after once more?

Aaron Livesy’s return to the Village has by no means been quiet and it’s unlikely to change anytime soon. Aaron’s involvement with dodgy ‘chop shop’ dealings saw him cornered into further acts of crime as he played his part in a staged masked raid that didn’t go to plan. But will Aaron now find himself in a relationship that presents danger of a different kind?

Jai Sharma will struggle to explain how he got his son back, fearful as he considers exactly what the truth may be. As pressure mounts from Ali Spencer and Ruby Haswell, who question the welfare and whereabouts of Archie’s mum, Rachel Breckle, Jai confides in partner Megan Macey. But will Jai’s potentially incriminating admission see Megan hotfoot it to the police? Or will she prove to be his saviour by finding a way to throw his doubters off guard?

Marlon and Laurel Dingle never quite got their ‘honeymoon period’, with concerns for Marlon’s daughter, April Windsor, weighing heavily on their minds. But with Marlon unable to focus on anything other than April, will he lose sight of his wife’s needs causing her to turn her attentions elsewhere?

Meanwhile, Laurel’s ex, Ashley Thomas, is having an altogether happier time, as he and new vicar, Harriet Finch, enjoy their newfound relationship. But just as things seem to be going well for the couple, will something happen to disrupt their blossoming romance?

Relationships will be tested but who will be left out in the cold this Christmas? With a great deal of resentment - and all the secrets and lies - the Villagers need to tread carefully this winter…

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Weekday evenings