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Summer of Soaps: In pictures

Take a magical stroll through our behind the scenes pics of this year's fairy tale Summer of Soaps promo.

Emma Atkins is having a blast on set!
What an amazing concept drawing for Sleeping Beauty (or should we say Sleeping Moira?)
The crew are always smiling...even when they're on the clock! (Get it? Ahem...)
Just watching the monitors off set we could feel the chemistry between Mark Charnock and Charlotte Bellamy!
A special camera was brought in just to do the overhead shot of Natalie J Robb entwined in her rose bed!
Jeff Hordley takes us through how soaps are modern day fairy tales
How massive is that apple in Emma Atkins's hands?!
Even without the props Emmerdale Village is like a story book place...
The director has a quick chat in between takes with Emma Atkins
Do you think she'll take a bite of the apple? Hope not, it's fake!
Jason Merrells tells us what's in store for Declan and Charity this summer

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